Like every child growing up in Paris, Diabolo was always my favorite refreshment and still is today. Preferred by all generations, the delicious and refreshing drink is a staple at French cafés and bistros. I missed it so much when I moved to the U.S.A., that I decided to recreate and launch it voilá, the Diabolo collection was born in 2010.

I do not believe one should sacrifice taste to stay fit and healthy, this is why we redefined sparkling refreshment with the Diabolo brand offering a choice of natural and exotic flavors in a lower calorie formulation. Diabolo is a healthier alternative to regular sodas for the whole family. Many of you suggested that we add an energy boost to our line, so we developed Diabolo Loco to bring you a gentle, reinvigorating surge in two bold flavors while avoiding the "crash." 

Whether you choose a refreshing or energizing Diabolo experience, you will find it delicious to the very last drop as a  guilt-free refreshment, or add great flavor to your favorite cocktail.

Michel Langlais de Langlade
President and Founder

Diabolo Beverage Company is a U.S. Corporation and all the Diabolo products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Michel, who is a successful doctor, entrepreneur and sculptor, has always been guided by his family motto:

“If we do not have the power to heal, we all have the power to help, to share and to love”.

In that spirit, the Diabolo Beverage Company has a strong commitment in the protection of the environment and supports various foundations promoting Health and Education in the U.S.A. and Latin America.