Refreshing Collection

Energizing Collection

Diabolo Tangerine Pomegranate

Our new flavor combines delicious tangerine and pomegranate to offer you a taste of summer everyday. Ooh-la-la!

Blueberry Lemonade

True to the French tradition of the "Diabolo" that mixes great fruit flavors with lemonade, we jazzed-up our lemonade with blueberry to deliver a perfect and refreshing combination. DIABOLO Blueberry Lemonade combines the most delicious blueberry and lemon flavors.

Dragon Fruit Plum

Everyone loves a refreshing and exotic mix, so we combined the dragon fruit, known as the strawberry-pear that only blooms at night, with the rare and luscious Satsuma plum fruit.  The result is the unique, distinctive, and delicious DIABOLO Dragon Fruit Plum.  

Mint Lemonade

Created for those who enjoy the refreshing combination of lemonade and a hint of mint, DIABOLO Mint Lemonade delivers our American version of the delicious French classic.

Acai Berry Guava

Açaí berries are known as the super fruit of the Amazon and nature's perfect energy fruit.  DIABOLO LOCO's newest flavor combines the exotic Brazilian açaí berry with the soft and luscious guava fruit.The result is an exotic and delicious energizing drink with powerful energy boosters. 

Refreshing Mint

An energizing twist on French lemonade, combining delicious mint and lemon flavors with a powerful energy boost to keep you going day or night without the usual crash. 

Diabolo Loco is for those who want a great tasting energizing drink that is refreshing and naturally flavored.